Monday, November 23, 2009

DJUICE new package Din Raat....

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The What....
djuice introduces ‘Din Raat’ – a package which provides customers the benefit of talking to their friends and family numbers day and night at the lowest rates. With djuice Din Raat subscribers will be able to talk to their 5 friends & family numbers for just Rs. 3.5+tax/Hour*

50% of on Mobile Internet for Din Raat Subscribers
Now surf the net like the world was an ocean. With 50 % throughout the day, you can check your mail, check your facebook and check up on the world at half the cost.

Normal Charging -64KB(incl tax)

Discounted Charging - 64KB (incl Tax)

Discount %

Discount Window
24 hours (all day)

The How....
Migration to djuice Din Raat will have the same process as other price plans i.e.

By sending MIGRATE in an SMS to 345
By dialing 345
By dialing IVR 555
Migration charges will be Rs 10 inclusive of taxes.

The Price…

The Fine Print…
-This is a limited time offer.
-Subscribers of djuice Din Raat will be charged Rs 1.99+tax as a daily fee.
-Subscribers will require a minimum balance of Rs 3 to initiate any call
-*Offer is not valid from 5pm – 11pm daily
-50% discount on mobile internet is a limited time offer
-For Internet discount rates, standard taxes are applicable
-Internet discount offer is applicable his offer is applicable to “Djuice Din Raat” price plan only
-Internet discount offer is automatically applicable without any need of a subscription
-Discount offer is valid for “Internet”, “WAP” and “Net” APNs only

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