Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jazz International Direct Dialing Offer

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Jazz International Direct Dialing Offer
With Jazz’s new international call rates, all Jazz users can make International calls to the highest number of destinations offered by any mobile operator at Local call rates ANY time for as low as Rs. 1.36 per min! All our customers have to do to avail this offer is to subscribe to their desired destination once a week.

Salient Features International Direct Dialing:
1.One time Subscription Fee will be charged at the time of Subscription.
2.Subscription Validity period will be 7 days.

* For Canada and USA (L+M) the subscription charges have been doubled since 2 destinations get opened through the country code of 1.

Subscription Process
•Customer will type the name of the country and send an SMS to 424.
•Once the SMS is sent, a USSD string will be sent back to the customer for further subscription for a particular country.
•User will dial the USSD string on mobile screen and press send to avail the discounted rate for that country.
•Customer types ‘UK’ and sends it to SMS short code 424.
•The following reply message would be sent to him.
Type *104*1*44*01# & press send to avail this offer for UK (Landline)

Customer types *104*1*44*01# and presses send. After sending the USSD, customer will be subscribed to the feature and a confirmation message would be sent to him.

Un-Subscription Process
  • To un-subscribe from a particular country, customer will type the following USSD string and press send
    * 104*4*<>*<>#

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