Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special International Recognition Award for PTCL

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On the occasion of 27th International Telecom Management Information Platform (TEMIP) User Group Conference held at Hamburg, Germany PTCL Network Operations Centre (NOC) team has been honoured with 'Special International Recognition Award' on displaying exemplary expertise acquisition for extensive utilisation/ customisation of product features in an exceptionally short time span.

As per details, this award has been bestowed upon PTCL, among other 100 companies world-wide having HP NOC platform, for emerging as a source of inspiration for various incumbent and prospective HP customers by gaining maximum performance out of HP's product portfolio.

Another consideration for this award to be given to PTCL has been the outstanding Video "PTCL NOC" produced by PTCL NOC resources, which outlines how PTCL is focusing on its customer satisfaction by deploying in Pakistan State of The Art Service Operation Centers.

PTCL management has proclaimed this achievement would further enhance PTCL commitment towards customer's satisfaction by continuously improving network availability and superior customer experience. This award has brought PTCL international acclaim branding it as a world class operator.

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