Friday, January 1, 2010

Arfa Khan as brand ambassador for EVO by...PTCL

Pin It LAHORE (January 01 2010): The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has designated Arfa Khan as brand ambassador for its EVO service in Pakistan who is youngest Microsoft Certificate Professional (MCP) in the world at the age of nine years. The Senior Executive Vice President (Business Zone-North) Tariq Salman said that PTCL is celebrating the marvellous achievement of a brilliant student who has reiterated the remarkable potential of the student community in particular and the nation in general.

He further said the PTCL has always been instrumental in providing latest technology available world-wide especially for the student community. The PTCL Broadband Student Package initiative, first ever in Pakistan, was only with an objective of being partner in the silent revolution that this student community can bring about for Pakistan.

Another very strategic project that PTCL has partnered with the government of Punjab is IT lab project. PTCL has provided the connectivity to more than 4200 schools Punjab wide to carry forward its initiatives for the student community. This visionary project has helped a lot in bridging the digital divide and to provide opportunity to the under privileged students of the country. PTCL is very active partner in USF project as well that is also aimed to bridge the digital divide. PTCL reassures its commitment at this platform that our focus is to facilitate its customers with affordable prices and unmatched value.-PR

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