Friday, January 1, 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Optimiser

Pin It KARACHI (January 01 2010): Close to eighty of the world's leading communications service providers are now using the market leading Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Optimiser, a highly automated tool for improving radio network quality and performance.

NetAct Optimiser speeds the optimisation process by 50 percent compared to traditional methods, while improving network performance by an average of 15 percent leading to increased return on revenue. NetAct Optimizer is also a key component of Nokia Siemens Networks' Self Organising Networks (SON) Suite.

Shanghai Unicorn is one of the latest to select NetAct Optimiser to improve its multi-vendor GSM radio network performance and to automate the network optimisation process. Hou Wenjun, manager of Shanghai Unicorn Optimisation Department said: "Network quality is very important in maintaining and acquiring subscribers. Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct Optimiser improves the performance of the whole network regardless of the vendor and the work efficiency has been improved a lot."

Optimiser is also an essential part of the Nokia Siemens Networks SON Suite offering for GSM, WCDMA/HSPA+ and LTE integrated with the NetAct network management system. Automated optimisation of network coverage and capacity improves the quality and performance of mobile networks and reduces the need for time consuming and error prone manual processes in network operations. Optimising the network assets and capacity utilisation also lowers CAPEX.-PR


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