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Ufone UExaminer Service for Students

Pin It Ufone UExaminer Service for Students

Ufone introducing innovative services brings UExaminner, a unique service of its kind to be offered for the first time by in Pakistan. UExaminer targets all students studying in 9th, 10th, 1st Year 2nd Year and even from O/A Level education system, to get themselves prepared for final board examinations. This innovative VAS will allow students to go through online SMS MCQ’s/quiz/fill in the blanks based on text books and last 5 years board exam papers. Also students from all boards of Pakistan will be able to get exam Date Sheet by this service.

The exams season starts in mid March from 9th Class examination and ends in May each year by all educational boards throughout Pakistan. The current paper pattern is almost 30% MCQ based that requires students to make preparations accordingly for all subjects. Even the service will allow students to get themselves prepared throughout the year by regular preparation (Chapter/Topic wise/last five year’s paper) that can easily be selected by simple reply to the SMS.


Students can send SMS “EXAM” to start the online MCQ examination & “DATESHEET” to get the date sheet to the SMS Short code 1100.

Student Replies with EXAM and will get the following Options:-

1. Welcome to UExaminer!

To select your class grade reply with 1-5:


Student Replies with 1 and will get the following Options:-

2. UExaminer! – 9th

To select your subject, please reply with 1-5:


Student Replies with 1 and will get the following Options:-

3.UExaminer! – 9th - Biology

To select your type of exam, please reply with 1-3

1. Full Course Test
2. Chapter wise Test
3. Last 5 Years Questions Test

Student will reply with 1 and will get the following:

4.UExaminer! – 9th - Biology

Reply with 1-4 to select correct answer of given question.

Molecular mass of an element or a compound is found relative to the mass ____

1. C-6
2. C-9
3. C-11
4. None of these

Student will reply with option 1 and will get the following:

5.UExaminer! – 9th - Biology

You can get results of previous questions any time by replying with 5.

Reply with 1 or 2 to select correct answer of question.

Next Question:

First microscope was invented by Schwann?

1. True
2. False

Student will reply with option 5 and will get the following:

6.UExaminer! – 9th - Biology

Your total questions = 12

Correct Answers = 5

Incorrect Answers = 7

[ To start your exam testing for any other subject reply with 0 or TEST ]

*Next question will also be placed along with this result

Questions will randomly be placed as per the selected options for which student can reply back with available options as per question asked. At any time if the student replies back with 5 he will be able to view results of his replied MCQ’s & by replying back with 0 will be able to switch to any other subject.

Terms and Conditions:

-This service will be offered to all prepaid & postpaid subscribers.
-All SMS will be charged for Rs. 0.15+Tax from both Prepaid and Postpaid.
-Subscriber will be provided with an option to view result with every question attempted.
-Upon scoring 90% & above, on complete class/grade quiz, students will be provided with 1000 free SMS after next day of internal results verification to that specific Mobile number.
-In case customer leaves the quiz without completing a session, upon his next attempt he will automatically continue from where he left previously.

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