Monday, June 21, 2010

Online Video Editing tool added by YouTube

Pin It Online Video Editing tool added by YouTube
WASHINGTON:YouTube users can now edit their own videos online.

The Google-owned video-sharing site added an online editing tool last week that allows YouTube users to combine multiple videos, shorten a video or add soundtracks from songs in the AudioSwap library.

The newly created video can be published to YouTube directly from the editing site. To edit a video, a user drags a thumbnail of the video they want to edit into an empty timeline. The video can then be trimmed or other videos added to make it longer. YouTube users can only edit videos they have uploaded themselves and not the videos of other users. The new video editor is located at


1 comment:

Justin said...

Im glad they have finally added this feature. Videos now can be even better than before. I need to get a video camera now.


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