Thursday, September 9, 2010

Djuice SMS Ki Bharmar offer revised no onnet and offnet

Pin It Djuice SMS Ki Bharmar offer revised

Now Djuice removed offnet and onnet problem now send sms to all network

The What....
Step Aside, the Talking Thumb is here!
You heard us right; the thumb does all the talking now. With amazing Djuice packages of unlimited SMS your thumb will develop a voice of its own.

So say sayonara to the hassle of subscribing to a new SMS package each day and say hola to the latest Djuice star- your thumb. Freedom of speech never sounded sweeter.

The How....
To activate
Simply call 555 from your djuice connection and press 5 when prompted and you are
good to go.

* This Bundle is applicable on Main Djuice price plan, Jaagtay Raho and Din Raat customer can avail the same bundle for Rs 1.99+tax and they will get 200 SMS with daily validity.
The Fine Print...

Terms and Conditions:
-All Djuice subscribers can avail these SMS packages.
-SMS can be sent to any number in Pakistan.
-All unused SMS at the end of bundle Validity will be confiscated
-However the customer can extend the validity of the remaining SMS by subscribing to any of the mentioned packages before validity expires
-This is a Limited Time Offer.

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