Friday, November 12, 2010

Dell showcase Smart-Homes technology for modern families

Pin It Dell showcase Smart-Homes technology for modern families

Dell has recently arranged an exciting technology event in Singapore, to showcase its wide range of innovations in computers and multi-media products for creating Smart-Homes for modern families. Notable enthusiasts, Techies and media buffs from numerous countries gathered in Singapore to participate.

The Asia-Pacific Regional Director at Dell Consumer Marketing, Dolly Chin, explained to the media how Dell has consistently worked over several years to introduce a number of new consumer electronics. As a result, Dell has successfully created more than 30 products within a short period of 2 years, which are now available in 60,000 stores world-wide.

Dell had invited one Pakistani blogger to the event with a media representative to cover the same. The Marketing Head for CSMB at Dell Pakistan, Nubla Iftikhar was also present at the event. After the media presentation, participants were taken up to a penthouse apartment, which was equipped with the latest Dell products, which could be tried out by the visitors, catering to the needs of various customer segments within a family.


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