Monday, November 15, 2010

Jazz In-Flight Roaming Service

Pin It Jazz In-Flight Roaming Service

Mobilink always ensures convenience and provision of seamless services to its customers, whether at home or abroad. With Jazz In-flight Roaming Service, Mobilink now offers its Jazz customers the facility to stay safely connected with their loved ones even as they fly.

Partnering with Emirates and Malaysia Airlines through our partner network AeroMobile, Mobilink brings GSM network on board aircrafts for its Jazz customers. This service enables passengers to safely use their GSM mobile phones during flights - after takeoff and before landing.

Currently, this service is being provided on Emirates Airlines on more than 268 flights including 122 international flight routes across 52 countries with aggressive plans to roll out across fleets and other airlines in future. These aircrafts fly to a host of spot light destinations round the globe including United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Switzerland, Turkey, Singapore, China, Thailand, Bangladesh etc. The service is also available on selective Emirates in-country flights between Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

This offer includes:

•No security deposit
•No subscription charges
•Free incoming SMS

To use the service, Jazz customers with an international roaming subscription simply switch on their mobile phones on a Mobile In-flight Roaming equipped aircraft.

Jazz In-flight Roaming works like regular roaming service on ground. You can make or receive phone calls and text messages using your own mobile phone just as easily as you can on the ground. No special handset settings are required.

Flight Routes and Tariffs

Inflight Roaming Flight Routes & Destinations

Inflight Roaming Tariff Sheet

Terms and Conditions
•Flight routes and destinations covered may be changed over time by the airline.
•Call charges have been calculated using prevailing exchange rates and are subject to change without prior notice.
•Govt. taxes apply.

Subscribing to Jazz In-Flight Roaming
International Roaming should be activated for use of Jazz In-flight roaming. Jazz customers can activate international roaming by visiting their nearest Mobilink Customer Care Centre, Franchise or simply calling 111.

In-Flight Roaming Service is also available for Indigo customers having international roaming subscription.

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