Monday, November 15, 2010

Jazz Chota Bundle Offer

Pin It Jazz Chota Bundle Offer

Jazz has always aimed to provide the best value to its customers. Therefore, Jazz now brings the most economical daily bundle ‘Jazz Chota Bundle Offer’.

With Jazz Chota Bundle you get 7 minutes and 30 SMS for a day, only for Rs. 5. The minutes will be for on-net only and SMS will be for all local mobile networks.

Jazz Chota Bundle Offer

Daily Bundle
Price: Rs. 5
Minutes: 7
SMS: 30
Validity:1 day
Min. Balance required (with tax):Rs. 5.97

•19.5% FED apply on the above mentioned prices
•Minutes are for calls to Mobilink only and SMS are for all networks across Pakistan
•Offer will be available on all Jazz Packages except Jazz 24 Ghanta
•This is a limited time offer
Subscription Process:

Process 1: Enter *101*1*06# on mobile screen and press send
Process 2:Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu, press 6 and follow IVR instructions

USSD Summary
Information *101*3*06#
Subscription *101*1*06#
Balance Inquiry *101*2#

Terms & Conditions:
•In case of multiple subscriptions, the count of minutes and SMS will be added together and validity will be greater of the two subscriptions e.g. if a customer buys a bundle on 11:00 Oct 27, 2010 consumes 2 minutes and 10 SMS the same day (left with 5 minutes and 20 SMS available till 23:59 Oct 28, 2010) and buys another bundle next day 14:00 Oct 28, 2010, he will have 12 minutes and 50 SMS available till 23:59 Oct 29,2010
•In case of purchase of a bundle before the expiry of previous bundle, the validities will be greater of the two but the destination of the minutes will be as per the last purchased bundle i.e. if a subscriber has bought all-in-one bundle and before the consumption / expiry of the bundle he has bought this on-net bundle, all the minutes will be converted to on-net; and vice versa.
•Weekly bundle and Newly launched “All in One” bundle are the other bundles to enjoy.

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