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PTCL Smart TV Standalone Package

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PTCL Smart TV Standalone Package

Standalone IPTV:
There is a segment of TV customers who want TV but they have already PTCL BB or don’t require internet at all. To address the requirement of this segment PTCL is proud to announce Standalone Smart TV package. In this package customer is not provided internet to make it more affordable and convenient. This package has an added advantage of unlimited calls on Sunday from PTCL Landline to Landline & Vfone.

Package Tariff:
This Package offer Smart TV with Zero Kbps BB, just in Rs. 649 (450 for Smart TV Monthly subscription charges plus 199 for unlimited on net calls on every Sunday (PTCL-PTCL-Vfone)).Moreover the STB and VOD charges would remain same as that of Normal Smart TV connection.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Who can avail Standalone IPTV?

Ans: All the existing and new PSTN customers only

Q2. How can I get Standalone IPTV ?

Ans :You just have to dial 0800-80-800OR by visiting nearest OSS and can avail that package.

Q3. Can I use Broadband in this package?

Ans: No you can’t, because BB data rate is Zero.

Q4. Can I shift to any other data rate of BB?

Ans: Yes

Q5. Can I shift from any other data rate to Zero BB?

Ans: Yes

Q6.Is there any installation charge of BB?

Ans: NO

Q7. Can customer pay upfront for STB or get on installment?

Ans : Yes, it’s up to Customer.

Q8. All features of IPTV are available in Standalone IPTV?

Ans: Yes.

Q9. Which modem we will offer to the customer with stand alone IPTV?

Ans: wired modem will be given in default which will be ensured by line man.

Q10. Can customer make calls through PSTN?

Ans: Yes customer can.

Q11. How many minutes are free in this package?

Ans: Unlimited On net calls only On Sunday.(PTCL-PTCL-Vfone)

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