Saturday, January 5, 2013

Talkshawk UK IDD Landline Offer call 15 minute for Rs.7.99

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Talkshawk UK IDD Landline Offer call 15 minute for Rs.7.99

All Talkshawk prepaid subscribers can now make calls to UK land line numbers in Rs. 7.99+t/15 min by dialing a prefix of 999 before the dialed number.

Call Rate
Price Plan
How to use?
UK IDD LL offer
Rs. 7.99/15 min
All prepaid
Available at all times
No Subscription
Customer needs to dial 999 prefix before the number dialed.

Which PricePlan is the offer valid on?
All prepaid price plans (Talkshawk and Djuice)

What is the Subscription Price?
There is no subscription charge.

What time window is the offer valid in?
24 hours a day

How will the subscriber avail the offer?
Subscriber needs to dial 999 before the dial number. For example if the subscriber is dialing UK number 0044yyyyyyyyyy, he will need to dial 9990044yyyyyyyyyy to avail the offer.

Is offer available to all UK calls (landline and mobile both)?
No, only on land line.

What are UK mobile rates if customer dials through 999?
Charges will be as per the regular UK mobile tariff.

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