Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wateen strengthens commitment to telecom infrastructure …

Pin It KARACHI (April 25 2009): Pakistan's telecom industry continues to take positive steps towards the development of telecom infrastructure in the country. The massive boom for the mobile phone segment of telecom industry has provided the momentum for expansion and development in other segments of telecom as well, especially in the rural areas of Pakistan.

The Universal Service Fund (USF) from Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) is providing the impetus for development in under-served areas and Wateen's commitment to alleviate the digital divide between the urban and rural population is always one step ahead of its competition to meet such challenges.

An Optical Fiber network spanning more than 10,000 kilometres across all the four provinces of Pakistan supported by the largest country wide WiMAX broadband network and the biggest satellite services client base, Wateen was a natural choice to support such initiatives from USF.

It is akin to Wateen's vision to contribute towards the development of our great country, since Wateen's corporate culture is to value people, more than products or profits. With this spirit, Wateen participated in the USF bidding process and was awarded the contract for:

1. Optical Fiber network spanning 704km in rural Sindh covering all districts in the province. This is in addition to the already deployed optical fiber network of over 1,000km in the province. This project will be completed by June 2010.

2. Broadband Wireless network deployment in districts of Sargodha. This project will be completed by December 2009. 3. Deployment of a 840km long optical fiber network in the province of Balochistan.

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